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The We-SellYourStuff family of website stores was started in 2005 with its first Store sold marine electronics. Fish Finders, GPS and all accessories related to marine electronic. was sold off in 2011.

We expanded our store line to include the following websites over the years. - Formula1 News Aggregator - Almighty Cleanse - Genesphere Anti Wrinkle Cream - Personal political commentary - Online computer games for kids.

In 2011, work was started on the HistOrigin Project. HistOrigin is a smartphone app created by local highway history llc, that speaks the origin story of cities, towns and villages you encounter during a drive in your automobile.

As you approach a town at a predefined and variable distance, the origin history of the town in front of you is read allowed using the text to speech capability of todays smart phones and tablets.

The app is a new form of mobile entertainment that provides an informative and educational, entertainment experience.



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